This was in the 5.1 sysinstall notes. It is also mentioned on this site 
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  On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:49:30 +1000, "Adam King" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
  > I currently have a dual boot Windows/Linux system and want to add another
  > partition and install FreeBSD.
  > In the FreeBSD install, it mentions that the boot files must be within
  > the first 1024 Cylinders. Is this a requirement for FreeBSD itself or
  > just for the FreeBSD boot loader?

  What FreeBSD install did you find this in?  Installation below the 1024th
  cylinder is not a requirement for either FreeBSD itself or for its boot
  loader.  (By "FreeBSD itself" I assume you mean the entire filesystem or
  some sizable subset of it.)  The 1024 cylinder limit is rarely
  encountered these days because it is a consequence of an old BIOS that
  doesn't use geometry translation. (Geometry translation is usually
  associated with LBA (logical block addressing).)
  > If I use a linux boot loader (LILO or Grub) which doesn't have a problem
  > with the 1024 cylinder limit, will it be able to boot FreeBSD if it's
  > boot files are above cylinder 1024?

  Use any boot loader you like.  Should work fine.  The FreeBSD system I'm
  using right now is installed on the second half of an 80GB RAID0 array.

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