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> Sorry, here's a better link:
> http://www.informit.com/content/index.asp?product_id=%7B7309E848-0A1E-475A-A1CD-17B5462B1564%7D&062903
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>   This was in the 5.1 sysinstall notes. It is also mentioned on this site
> (http://www.informit.com/isapi/product_id~{7309E848-0A1E-475A-A1CD-17B5462B1564}/element_id~{C8915938-27E4-4BF5-B449-CD40F6C9D8B5}/st~{FC01C6FA-A166-40A9-BEFF-FA0234A128E9}/session_id~{D7D91592-81FC-47F8-BC69-313B51CAD0D0}/content/articlex.asp)that
>   was linked from freebsd.org.
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>     said:
>     > I currently have a dual boot Windows/Linux system and want to add another
>     > partition and install FreeBSD.
>     > 
>     > In the FreeBSD install, it mentions that the boot files must be within
>     > the first 1024 Cylinders. Is this a requirement for FreeBSD itself or
>     > just for the FreeBSD boot loader?
>     What FreeBSD install did you find this in?  Installation below the
>     1024th
>     cylinder is not a requirement for either FreeBSD itself or for its
>     boot
>     loader.  (By "FreeBSD itself" I assume you mean the entire filesystem
>     or
>     some sizable subset of it.)  The 1024 cylinder limit is rarely
>     encountered these days because it is a consequence of an old BIOS
>     that
>     doesn't use geometry translation. (Geometry translation is usually
>     associated with LBA (logical block addressing).)
>     > If I use a linux boot loader (LILO or Grub) which doesn't have a problem
>     > with the 1024 cylinder limit, will it be able to boot FreeBSD if it's
>     > boot files are above cylinder 1024?
>     Use any boot loader you like.  Should work fine.  The FreeBSD system
>     I'm
>     using right now is installed on the second half of an 80GB RAID0
>     array.
>     Jud

Yes, you're quite right about the statement from Tiemann-Urban (whom I'd
have expected to know better - glad I bought The Complete FreeBSD by Greg
Lehey rather than their book!) and I presume also about the sysinstall
documentation.  I found an additional case of the same in section 3.19 of
the FAQ on FreeBSD's web site.

However, look at the following from section 3.19 of the FAQ: "Note that
this is a limitation in the PC's BIOS, not FreeBSD."  The statement is
simply (far) out of date: "modern" BIOSes haven't had the 1024 cylinder
limit for years.  I personally haven't had a system with FreeBSD
installed *below* the 1024 cylinder limit for something like a couple of
years.  (Before my current RAID array, it was installed on the 2nd half
of a 40GB drive; before that, on the second half of a 20GB drive.)

So - install as you like, no worries.  Any problems, write back and tell
me I'm an idiot.  ;)


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