On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:39, none wrote:
> Hi, if anyone has done dial-in service before
> i am having is that my modem does pick up the phone when i dial in, and the
> two modems establish a connection, but the OS does not do anything there is
> no login prompt, i was able to send data directly to the port and see it on
> the other computer with command:  echo "Hello" > /dec/cuaa0, Also i read
> that if getty completes the open port process then it changes from ?? in
> the PS screen to something it does not, so i am assuming that getty doesn't
> realize that the connection has been established, any ideas?
Apart from setting your modem to answer incoming calls have you enabled the
port for login in /etc/ttys.

If you are on the first serial port you must change the ttyd0 line from 'off' 
to 'on' and possibly choose a different getty argument. A predefined set of 
modem interface parameters is available in /etc/gettytab.

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