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> As far as I know, objective C is sort of ancestor to C++,

Not an ancestor. Objective C and C++ were seperately developed, in
    different parts of the C community, and so far as I know there was
    little or no communication or cross-fertilization. (Well, there
    is a creature called 'Objective-C++', but I don't know much about
    that, though I get the impression it is little used.)

Objective-C's object model is dynamicly typed, strongly based on
    smalltalk ideas. C++'s object model is staticly typed, strongly
    based on Simula-67 ideas. They come from different branches of the
    OO tree.

> an object
> oriented C, and I doubt if anyone is still using it nowadays.

It was / is much loved by the NeXT community, and it did languish for
    some years while NeXT did. MacOS X revived it, and the GNUStep
    people never stopped using it. So it isn't likely to vanish
    anytime soon. However I doubt it will ever be as
    widespread as C++, much less C.

If you wish to use the GNUStep desktop framework, which as far as I
    understand (I haven't played with it much under freebsd) works
    great in freebsd, you'll need Objective-C. I can't think of
    anything else that needs it, however.
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