On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 09:12:21PM -0400, Ernest H. Rice, III wrote:
> Folks:
> Excuse the interruption, but I have a probably very stupid question...
> I enabled NFS Server facilities on my 4.8.2 FreeBSD system recently.
> I export ONE directory, and when nfs is started (via the normal booting 
> process) my internet connectivity slows down. Additionally, my system can run 
> out of swap space (I have 128 MB RAM and 512 MB swap). I never ran out of 
> swap before on FreeBSD and this troubled me.
> I ran top and saw rpc.statd usurping about 257M of memory.
> When I disable NFS Server facilities, and reboot, my internet performance 
> returns (and - of course - rpc.statd is no longer running. Also, I no longer 
> run short of swap.
> When I export the directory I have one line in /etc/exports which just lists 
> the directory to be exported.
> What am I doing wrong to have rpc.statd using SO MUCH memory.

This question is answered in the FAQ (short answer: it's not).


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