I'm shopping for a cheap 1U server, and I stumbled upon Iron Systems from
their ads on daemonnews.org.  They have three servers that seem to fit the
bill for a small mail/web server.  One looks to be a VIA-based system,
possibly with a mini-itx board (the A110), another is an AMD system
(A152), and the last is a Celeron-based system (A120).

I'm leaning towards the A120 as it has embedded Intel ethernet, and the
others seem to be VIA ethernet, which seem to be a bit on the flakey side
under FreeBSD (at least according to some threads in -stable where people
were using some VIA mini-itx boards with the same controller).

I'm waiting to hear back from them on just what motherboards are in these
systems, but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience with these
they'd care to share?  I'll be ordering with no hard drives and buying a
3ware IDE RAID controller and drives seperately.

If any of these actually support any hardware monitoring (cpu temp, fan
rpms) that would be a really big plus for me.

There's also (as always) interesting stuff on EBay, namely some refurb IBM
300 series 1Us.

Just looking for any feedback or any other recommendations on good, cheap
1Us for small-scale hosting.


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