Bob Collins wrote:
I hope I am not asking a NewB question, but I read through dump and cron and see no obvious way to run a nightly dump through cron AND allow user intervention to change the tape.

Unfortunately, I believe that is correct, at least for normal tape drives (ones without a tape-silo mechanism or robotic jukebox).

I am running a DDS2 tape drive and trying to backup around 12GB. The tape runs to the end, issues the end of tape, and then dump fails. I would like to be able to change the tape and get a backup.

Do I need to use some other software, or am I missing a switch or something somewhere?

Run a level-0 backup by hand and swap tapes manually as needed. Then set up an automated level-1 backup via cron, which will hopefully give you a week or two of incremental backups per tape.

Or get a larger capacity tape drive, not that such things are free.


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