"DJ Landreneau" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As the original poster of this thread I feel compelled to provide some more
> information.
> I am running FreeBSD 5.0 that I obtained through the FreeBSD Unleased book I
> purchased from Barnes & Noble.
> Here is a numerated list of more:
> 1. Sony VAIO PCG-GRX550 laptop.

There is some info about FreeBSD on laptops here:
    I do not see the PCG-GRX550 listed, but several other vaio PCGs are
    listed, maybe one is sufficiently similar.

> 2. 40gb hard drive
> 3. 512mb RAM.
> 4. The video adapter is a Mobility Raadeon 7500 with 32mb of video memory.
> When I boot up FreeBSD and do ls -al on the /dev directory I do have
> busmouse or psm0 in the directory. Someone in an earlier reply to my post
> said this means that I do not have psm0 support in my kernel.
> Therefore, I am in the process of researching building a custom kernel that
> will include support for the PS/2 mouse.
> I must admit that I am rather surprised that an advanced OS such as FreeBSD
> does not include support for PS/2 in its generic configuration.

well the ps/2 trackpad on my dell inspirion 5000 laptop works
    great. (Only problem is haven't figured out how to disable the
    tap-to-click misfeature.)
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