On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 04:43:13PM +0200 or thereabouts, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> On 29 Jul Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> > On Tuesday 29 July 2003 14:03, Franz Stieber wrote:
> > I have a GeForce TI 4200 and TV out works great :)
> > > [ ... ]
> > I'm using it under FreeBSD-4.8 with Linux emulation with no problem
> > (and this is a very nice piece of software).
> Nice information, which makes me wonder..
> I'd always waned to know if it is simply possible to just run (linux)
> programs under linux emulation. If so, HOW do you install those linux
> proggies? Do I do some kind of chroot and install them in the "linux
> part" of the system?

Just get some binaries and put them wherever you want. Shared libraries
must go in /compat/linux/lib or /compat/linux/usr/lib.

> I want to experiment with some linux stuff under freeBSD. Is this
> possible. And you need (linux) binaries I presume.. No tarballs?

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If you want something REALLY fun, try making a Linux from Scratch system
on FBSD. You'll need to make two cross-compilers first: one 
        build = FreeBSD         host = FreeBSD          target = Linux
and one
        build = FreeBSD         host = Linux            target = Linux
                                (Linux emulation)

Not for the faint of heart. (I couldn't do this, so maybe this is all wrong).
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For sane people, no tarballs, just binaries. :-)

But yes, just put the programs wherever you want.

But they must be branded:
$ brandelf -f 3 myprog

-- Josh
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