I've looked into google a lot, tracked some mailing lists, and had mixed
success using the 'try everything on everything else' method, but alas I am

I'm trying to install FreeBSD Release 4.8 onto my system, but the installer
(and related ata kernel module) only recognises the motherboards onboard
UltraATA 100 controller, which it correctly detects as an ICH4 chip. If I
manually set ata0 to the io and irq of the onboard raid controller, it
detects the SATA controller correctly. (The controller is an Promise
Ultra/Fasttrak-133 TX2 controller, which has 1xATA133 ports and 2xSATA 150
ports, and Windows detects as a Promise FastTrak 376 Controller. (PDC20376))

The drive itself comes up as ata2 in the installer if I fiddle apropriately
(setting the
io=0x376 and irq=10 for the ata0 device, which strangely doesn't remove the
device and readd it on the different controller, but instead keeps ata0 and
detects ata2
in addition to ata0 and ata1), and there are no other hard disks in the
system. Installing
Windows 2000 or XP requires the hardware installation disk, as this
controller isn't a
standard Intel ICH* chip, so I'm expecting there will be some form of
teething problems, but from everything I've read, FreeBSD is supposed to
support this controller out of the box using the ata module. However I have
a feeling that it may be detecting my UltraATA controller and not looking
any further into the system? Or will the ata module autodetect every device
it supports?

Is there any way to inform fdisk that there is in fact a disk on ata2? It
can be seen if I perform lsdev from the root image before stepping into the
kernel configuration stage, and the partition table is read correctly.


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