C Peter Biessener <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> > C Peter Biessener <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> >>We have a test machine setup with FreeBSD v5.1.  We're using the
> >>default XFree for 5.1.  The machine is a PentiumPro 200 with 160MB RAM
> >>and a S3 VirgeGX video card.
> >>
> >>X-Windows displays beautifully, but the mouse is extremely
> >>sluggish. We've tried the Microsoft mouse that came with the computer,
> >>and we've tried a Logitech mouse, the same as we use on all of our
> >>other FreeBSD machines.  Both PS/2 mice behave the same (on screen).
> >>The on-screen behavior of the mouse pointer makes it seem like the
> >>pointer is not updating but every second or two - because other
> >>on-screen focus changes happen before the mouse pointer moves to where
> >>the focus change happens.
> >>
> >>Does anyone have any suggestions about how to resolve this mouse
> >>pointer issue?
> > Are you using the sysmouse daemon?
> No, we're pretty much using 5.1 out-of-the-box...  I've loosened up
> the network security some for telnet, ftp, etc...  My process list and
> uname follow:

I didn't notice anything particularly interesting there.  Of course,
I don't really know 5.x yet: I've had to stick pretty much with the
production branch so far.

The only suggestion I've got is to try using sysmouse:  it *might*
just solve the problem for you, and it would definitely be interesting
to know how the mouse behaves under sysmouse on the console.

Good luck.
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