On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Tkachenko, Artem N wrote:

> I am new to SNMP. I was asked to set up SNMP agents and a manager on
> some of the computers in the lab. Can someone recommend some SNMP
> programs that I can use or a good link on the Internet? I need it for
> both FreeBSD and Windows machines. Thank you very much for you time.
> Best regards

I second the recommendation for net-SNMP. It also provides most of the
functions for Microsoft Windows that it does for Unix-type environments. 
Code generators and related utilities are far less automatic than many 
commercial products, but the quality and flexibility are high. There is a 
set of tutorials and you can run many of them against yourself in 

'net-SNMP.org' is careful that their license makes it easy to use the code 
in commercial or non-commercial products, more BSD-style than GPL-style.

Look around the web for handy tools - many are graphical using Tc/Tkl.

The RedHat RPM installs a fully functional host-platform agent (net-SNMP
or its older version ucd-SNMP) in RH Linux systems that you may wish to
play against. A huge number of MIB elements are supported and you can
interrogate the machine to spit them out to you.

If you would like good quality, moderately priced code generators, MIB
browsers, and test agents for Microsoft Windows, look into MG-SOFT
(www.mg-soft.com) products.

DISCLAIMER - I'm about a year away from this and there may be better 
things available.

 John Mills

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