On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 12:26:38PM -0500, Alvaro Rosales R. wrote:
> Hi guys is it posible to create a group that can have 2 users and 2 
> groups of 5 users each inside it ?. I mean
> group1: member1, member2.....menber5
> group2: member21, member22.....menber25
> group3: user1, user2,group2, group1.
> thanks for your help

If you're talking about /etc/groups (see the group(5) man page), then
no -- group members can't be other groups.  You'll have to add each
user to all of the groups they should be a member of individually.

However the syntax of the example you give looks more like
/etc/mail/aliases (aliases(5)) -- in that case, yes, you can chain
mail aliases together in exactly this way.



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