On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 08:37:39AM -0600, Scott Gerhardt wrote:
> To simplify administration for some temporary groups I would like to 
> make a group a member of an existing group.
> The question is: Can a group be made a member of a group, i.e. nested 
> groups?
> There is nothing in the documentation that says that a group can or 
> cannot be made a member of a group.

Unfortunately that doesn't work with the regular Unix /etc/groups file
-- it's only users that can belong to groups.  Same goes for things
like NIS if you're using that.  You might be able to achieve that
effect if you're using LDAP, but you'ld have to put a bit of effort
into finding out exactly how.

The one place where this sort of trick does work is with mail aliases.



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