Kris Kennaway wrote:
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This is the trivial part (you don't even need to modify gcc, because
all the optimizations turned on by -Ofoo are also available as
individual -fblah options).

Indeed. If you've forgotten, I quoted the section of the gcc source code which indicates which individual -fblah options are enabled at -O1, -O2, -O3.

As I've already said, once you have a
self-contained test-case that demonstrates that a particular gcc
optimization level generates broken code, the gcc people will fix it.

Yes, I hope and believe they would. If you've also forgotten the origin of this thread, it was:

| The "known bugs" section of the GCC info documentation lists 5 issues; "man
| gcc" lists none.  Can someone provide a test case for a bug involving "cc -O"
| versus "cc -O3" under FreeBSD 4-STABLE for the x86 architecture?

One might (reasonably and correctly) conclude that I was asking for examples of such test-cases.


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