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I just installed a 'standard' 4.8-Release setup from CD. It seems to have
gone fine, but I want to change two features:

1) I set up DHCP networking. Now I want to go back and explicitly set up
static IP, GW, NS.

man ifconfig

2) I did not set up X11, and I would like to have another run at that. (This means I'm running console tools.)

Can I use /stand/sysinstall to re-do these parts of my installation (and
if so, how?), or are there other simple tools? Menu-driven or mouse-driven
would be nice. Naturally I can always attack the configuration files, but I don't know how to turn DHCP off.

Yep, you can. Your best bet on this is to figure out which desktop (gnome, kde, etc..) you want to use then go in to the area that says install packages and select the desktop of choice. Then hopefully it will fetch that and its dependancyies (x, xclient, xlibraries and so on and so forth)

That should get you started.

Oh, how do you want to turn of DHCP? Was it because when you did the install you said use DHCP? If so the response to Q-1 should get you going. Or you can go in to /stand/sysinstall and reconfigure the network interfaces and tel lit not to use DHCP then go ahead and assign IP address and the like. After that is done all should, hopefully, work. Oh do a man on rc.conf that will help too.
 John Mills

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You're welcome.


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