On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 06:23:21PM +0200, Alexander Haderer wrote:
> hello,
> I have just made a new port which I want to make available for the ports 
> collection. The problem I have:
> - The web based PR submit form is down.
> - send-pr does not work for me because I am sitting behind a firewall
> We have a global mail server for our company that handles all mail traffic. 
> Users contact this mail server with their favourite mail clients (Netscape, 
> Kmail, Eudora, ...) via SMTP with auth or SMTP after POP. My FreeBSD 
> workstation from which I want to send the PR via send-pr has its default 
> sendmail config and can not send mail to anywhere outside the world. This 
> is no problem so far as I just use a Win-mail client for my mail 
> communication.
> When I run send-pr I get an email to my campus email account:
>    ....
>    The original message was received at Tue, 12 Aug 2003 17:59:29 +0200 
>    (CEST)
>    from localhost.str.charite.de []
>       ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
>        (reason: 554 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: Relay access denied)
>    ...
> I asked the network admins how to configure my FreeBSD box and they told me 
> to set a relay host in my config. I looked into /etc/mail and 
> /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README and saw a lot of things I really don't want 
> to know about.
> Q1: How can I submit the PR without send-pr and without the web-interface?
> (or, if this to complicated:)
> Q2: Is there a chance to setup my local sendmail that it can send mail 
> worldwide?

trying to answer q2 because q1 was too complicated :-)

edit /etc/mail/submit.cf and change



D{MTAHost}[<global mail server>]

restart sendmail. this is untested, so let me know if it works
for you.

because relaying over <global mail server> is only permitted
after a successfull pop login, use fetchmail just before sending
the mail:

fetchmail -c -p pop3 -u <your username> <global mail server>

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