Mark wrote:

> I am just not very fond of the idea of local users starting ICMP wars over
> the net, using my server :) I have already had an instance where a web-user
> did an excessive ping attack on one of his buddies. And, naturally, I want
> to prevent that. The chmod u-s idea mentioned here, was a good idea. Except
> that, prefereably, I'd like all of wheel to have access, and the rest not.
> And that may be harder to implement.

If your users play up, put your BOFH hat on and lart them.

chmod'ing /sbin/ping is useless - users can compile their own version of

Make your users aware that abusing ping (and other net resources) will get
them kicked and banned from your system.



        Andy Farkas
    System Administrator
   Speednet Communications

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