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> Hello Tiarnan,
> Thanks for your input.  I had already turned off the PNPBIOS option. 
> I tried your
> suggestion of recompiling with:   
> options         PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES
> Judging by dmesg, it made no difference.  It also did not allow any
> of the software to access /dev/dsp.  Same error messages as 
> described in first post.

Try using MAKEDEV to remake the dsp devices, and check the 
permissions. Can you play any sound through the device node?
E.g. cat blah.raw > /dev/dsp ?

I had a similar tussle with a Maestro 3 on a HP laptop, but it
worked in the end. It can be done...

I've attached my kernel configuration and loader.conf. 

You might try using using the snd_maestro3_load="YES" instead
of "maestro" in /boot/loader.conf. Maestro3.c is a driver
for "Allegro" cards, perhaps a closer fit for your 2E.

"device sbc" is unnecessary in your kernel config.


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