Charles Howse wrote:

Packages are nice for the speed you can install them with, but can be much harder to deal with the dependencies unless you use something like portupgrade (which is much more useful after you've got what you want installed and want to keep it all up to date).

Well, that begs the question, how about installing what I want from packages and then using portupgrade to keep it up2date?

That's the whole point of portupgrade. Keeping it all up to date. The ports system is much, much better than Redhat's update mechanism too. I install all of my ports from source on my PII 333 machine even though I have to wait for them all to compile. The performance increase of binaries compiled for your system is worth the wait IMO.

Sometimes if I don't feel like waiting, I'll just let portupgrade fetch the distfiles, then compile everything when I go to bed.

Good Luck,

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