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Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: IPX problems

> Igor,
> Thanks for your thoughts. They correspond closely with what I discovered 
> today; but it all seems a bit vague. Nowhere have I found an overview
> of what needs to be done. In brief it is now working.

Good to hear...

> At present I'm loading if_ef via loader.conf but I'll probably change this and 
> include it in the kernel build. Discovering man ef(4) was the clue that got 
> me up.

Yes, i forgot to mention ef(4) manual page.

> > ifconfig_sis0f0_ipx="ipx 0xbbbb0000"
> > ifconfig_lo0_ipx="ipx 0xaaaa0000.1"
> >
> > ipxgateway_enable="YES"        # Set to YES to enable IPX routing.
> Does this really do anything in the circumstances?

Don't know. As you already found, there's very little
info about IPX under FreeBSD. Probably the key here is
that you can't manually setup static routes for IPX?


> Thanks again
> Malcolm
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