On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 07:00:32PM -0400, Ben Dover (BD) wrote:
BD>   OK, this is difficult to explain and my problem is probably bigger than 
BD> what I have found but here goes.  I have a dedicated 5.1 FreeBSD box and 
BD> when I did a dmesg I received a repeating message as follows:
BD> arplookup 66.246.xx.1 failed: host is not on local network

I've had the same message multiple times when my default route would be equal
to the IP number of an interface of the box on a 4.8-REL box.

For instance:

Interface xl0 has IP address configured on it locally
Interface rl0 has IP address configured on it locally

The default route of the box is set to

This would cause a loop displaying the exact error message on the console, and
the box would become dead slow.

This for me was solved by simply typing:

route delete default


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