1) Since reloading my system I find that it is very slow to boot. It looks
like it hangs while trying the load the sendmail and sendmail-client
daemons. It eventually boots after 20 minutes or so. I tried disabling
sendmail but it still boots very slow. The initial bootup right after
install was fine but after a few minutes and a restart it would never boot
the same again. The only thing I could think of is that it might be looking
for a dns server which I do not have. any suggestions? 

2) I don't know if this is related to the above issue or not but when I try
to log into ssh the client on two separate machines would timeout waiting
for a connection to the server unless I change the server response timeout
on the client to 120 seconds then and only then would the client (Winscp,
Putty) connect. 

Sorry about all the lame questions but I've been out of touch for a while
and just trying to get my feet wet again. 

Thanks in advance,

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