> Most of the time, you only need to see the last 4 or 5. I 
> think that I 
> only look at one of my builds to see the "chmod 444 freebsd.cf" and 
> fire up the next script.

OK, I understand.  I think I will go ahead and change tail to tail -n
50.  That should provide plenty of feedback, eh?

> BTW, If you add both of your kernels to /etc/make.conf, you 
> would only 
> need one buildkernel. The first one is the one that is installed. I 
> have it commented now but I used to use
> to build both and install just RUBY. I got so that I liked the logs 

I thought it would be a good idea to install both GENERIC and CUSTOM
kernels, so that I could boot to GENERIC if necessary.

So, if I add KERNCONF=GENERIC CUSTOM to make.conf, then the generic
kernel is installed as /boot/kernel, and I can cp /boot/kernel

Then I can do installkernel KERNCONF=CUSTOM, and that will install the
custom kernel as /boot/kernel, and that will be the default to boot...?

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