I have just bought a New Asuscom 200 External ISDN TA, and ive changed my ppp.conf 
script for isdn.
The problem im having is that sometimes it dials up fine, other times it says NO 
CARRIER, and ive read the manual, tried many different AT commands, everything.

The modem however works perfectly fine on windows, not a single problem. 

All that im basically doing is trying to dialup with 64k, single link, and im using 
ppp and term now to do this. Since sometimes it dials up fine, other times it takes me 
fiddling and messing around, and then it just dials up sometimes, and othertimes doing 
exactly the same thing, same AT commands, it doesnt.

I also wrote a serial program to listen on cuaa0 on bsd, and connected the windows pc 
to the bsd pc via a null modem cable and captured the AT commands that windows sends, 
and trying these it also fails to work.

If anyone has anymore suggestions please let me know


Cole / Stalker

please reply to [EMAIL PROTECTED] since im not on the list, thanx
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