Hi Peder,

I agree with you, no need for a gui... But what I meant is I'd like to access
the DVD (the disc !) menu, not the one of the software, a command line is much
more efficient ;-)

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> > Hi,
> > 
> > Isn't there a mean to launch the full DVD and to navigate through the
> > in a graphical way (as ogle or xine) ?
> >
> You can define WITH_GUI when you build the port (see the Makefile). I
> also think that there are some graphical frontends in ports/multimedia
> that you might want to look at.
> But as I've never used any gui for mplayer I don't know if they bring 
> in any additional functionality.
> Note that if you use the command line you can put options in
> ~/.mplayer/config so most of the time you just have to enter something
> like "mplayer -dvd 1" to watch a movie.
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