I running FreeBSD 5.1-p2 (I sup'd the src about 2-3weeks ago), and
since I've installed it, I've gotten some weird crashes.  about once
every 7-8 day i'll get the msg:

swap_pager: indefinite wait for swap device: /dev/ad0s1b, buf xxx block

something to that effect, I can't capture the text.  the machine just
keeps looping away, saying that message.  I was googling, and it said
that it could be a bad drive and/or controller/hardware, which i intend
to run maxtor's powermax to test the drive. (any problems with that?  i
have a DD partition).  However, none of this happened until I went to
5.1.   (i was running 5.0 without any problems).  I had like 85 days of
uptime. (and that was only because I sup'd the security fixes).

anyone have any clues?

please CC me, as sometime i can't watch the list..

doug reynolds | the maverick | [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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