Shawn Ostapuk wrote:
I have around 10 IDE drives which add up to over a terabyte. My goal
is to use them all as one big drive using any means necessary (I have a
backup so redundency is not needed, only space in this situation)

I used to use vinum (and still would like to), i hit the terabyte limit
with UFS and was told i would have to upgrade to 5.1 in order to take
advantage of UFS2 and > 1TB filesystem -- so thats what i've done.
However I still seem to have the exactly same problems. I'm now trying
it on a whole new box and set of drives with the same set of problems.

It doesn't matter if i use vinum or ccdconfig -- they all work fine and
predictably, until I make it larger than a terabyte then i get the following on freebsd 5.1 RELEASE:

with ccdconfig

# ccdconfig -cv ccd0 16 none /dev/ad1s1e .. /dev/ad10s1e
ccd0: 10 componets (ad1s1e, .., ad10s1e), 2223956864 blocks interleaved
at 16 blocks
# newfs /dev/ccd0
newfs: wtfs: 512 bytes at sector 2223956863: Invalid argument

with vinum

# newfs /dev/vinum/vinum0
/dev/vinum/vinum0: 1085915.5MB (2223954992 sectors) block size 16384,
fragment size 2048
          using 5910 cylinder groups of 183.77MB, 11761 blks, 23552 inodes.
newfs: can't read old UFS1 superblock: read error from block device:
Invalid arguement

Try newfs -O 2 /dev/vinum/vinum0 to force ufs2. Hope that works.


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