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> Dan Nelson wrote
> > Depends on whether you plan on crashing or not :)  According to
> >,
> > you may not want to create filesystems over 3TB if you want fsck to
> > succeed.  I don't know if that's using the default newfs settings
> > (which would create an insane number of inodes), though.
> This is a big problem (no pun intended), my smallest requirement is
> still 5TB... what would you recommend? The smallest file on the
> storage will be 500MB.

I'd say try formatting a 5TB filesystem with the values you'd use (use
a very large -i; 1048576 maybe?) and see how much memory fsck consumes. 
I don't know what UFS2's max blocksize is, but a larger blocksize would
help too.  You should be able to fake enough storage to do the test
with mdconfig and some large sparse files.
> > To sustain only 30MByte/s across the entire set?  Doesn't really
> > matter, since even a single disk could do that.
> What would I see better performance with ccd or vinum? So a better
> question isn't if I can sustain with 30MByte/s but what would I
> expect to maintain?

For sequential access to mirrored arrays, your bottleneck will probably
be the ATA->FC bridges, since they claim to only do 100MBytes/sec.  If
your three HBAs are 1gbit, then those will be your bottleneck and
you'll be able to do 300MB/s reads, and 150MB/s writes (50% mirror
penalty).  If they're 2gbit and you have 6 bridges, you'll max out at
600MB/s and 300MB/s.  If you want to use vinum raid5, cut those write
speeds in half again (25% raid-5 penalty).

Theoretically, assuming you can max your FC links and your server can
handle the load :)  I do mrtg graphs of my fibre switches, and I haven't
seen it peak over 80MB/sec through a 1gbit link, but I regularly see
70MB/sec sustained to some Tru64 Alpha servers.  I only have external
hardware raid, though, so I don't know what kind of penalty ccd/vinum
will add on top of that.  Shouldn't be too much.

        Dan Nelson
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