well my machine just became unreachable and trying to figure out what to do
about it.  Its the first time in my history of using freeBSD to experience
this.  we have kernel firewall enabled and running portsentry as well.  we
power cycled to clear the situation as we could not log in via the console. 
there is nothing in the hosts.deny file to create this situation. 

uname -a output:
FreeBSD typhoon.enabled.com 4.8-STABLE FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #0: 

there was one recent modification to the Kernel to from 14 days ago.  we

options         PMAP_SHPGPERPROC=300

this is the post we read:

I am suspecting hardware issues - perhaps the RAM memory board.  512MB single

can somebody provide documentation or suggestions of ways we can figure out
what is going on here?  there is simply nothing in /var/log/messages relevant
to anything creating this situation.   in fact the machine remained having
link and stuff.

- Noah

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