HI all!

I received an email last night from a CPE (Continuing Professional Education) 
vendor.  The email contents contained an web address to their site where I 
could review my test results for an on-line course I had completed.  Clicking 
on the address from within Kmail sent me to the appropriate, secure (https) 
web page in Konqueror.

Below the message, however, were two blocks of gibberish.  Both blocks begin 
with a "begin" line and end with an "end" line.  There is no indication that 
Kmail included an attachment in-line within the email.

Is it possible that the code was needed to access the web page?  If so, I 
don't understand how clicking on the web address would send or use the blocks 
of code.

Should I worry about these blocks of code?


Andrew L. Gould
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