> HI all!
> I received an email last night from a CPE (Continuing Professional Education) 
> vendor.  The email contents contained an web address to their site where I 
> could review my test results for an on-line course I had completed.  Clicking 
> on the address from within Kmail sent me to the appropriate, secure (https) 
> web page in Konqueror.
> Below the message, however, were two blocks of gibberish.  Both blocks begin 
> with a "begin" line and end with an "end" line.  There is no indication that 
> Kmail included an attachment in-line within the email.
> Is it possible that the code was needed to access the web page?  If so, I 
> don't understand how clicking on the web address would send or use the blocks 
> of code.
> Should I worry about these blocks of code?

Yes, you should.
Do not trust any unsolicited code and be cautious of that 
which you did request.


> Thanks,
> Andrew L. Gould
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