Thus spake James ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [10/09/03 14:13]:
> First and foremost i'm new to using FreeBSD, so forgive the newbie cry for
> help. But I do have experience on Linux, so know my way about a *nux
> environment.

I moved from Linux to FreeBSD a while ago.  There's some finer things that
aren't the same, such as the boot process, that you'll have to start over
from scratch.  It'll help if you have experience in another Unix, like
Solaris or SCO.

> I'm currently trying to install version 5.0-CURRENT, my problem is that when
> I boot off of the CDROM, it starts loading fine, probes the hardware, then
> it comes up with the message:
>       ata0: resetting devices
> at which point it hangs. I have disabled the loading of ACPI drivers as
> explained in the install.txt file, but this alas has not helped.
> My hardware is as follows:
>       Asus P4SC-E motherboard
>       Intel CPU
>       Seagate Barracuda HDD
>       and Acer CDRW drive.
> Can anyone please provide some insite into my problem and perhaps also
> additional resource locations.

First off, try 5.1-RELEASE.  It's more stable.

If you don't want to use -RELEASE, take a look at the archives for
(freebsd-)[EMAIL PROTECTED]  There's been some fairly recent ATA changes
that various people have been having troubles with.  The maintainer of the
ATAng code (as it's been called) might be interested in your case.
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