The transition is easy.

1) deinstall all your ports(modules) depended on apache13
2) install apache13-modssl.
3) recompile all ports(modules)

You can use apache13-modssl just as a replacment to apache13.
But apache13-modssl uses extrand API, so you have to
recompile all apache modules with "apache13-modssl" installed.

all modules will build, install and run fine, maybe portupgrade
will see wrong dependencys.

some ports suports this very well using in /etc/make.conf
APACHE_PORT=    www/apache13-modssl

still some ports use a "obsolete" setting like:
APACHE_PORT=    ${PORTSDIR}/www/apache13-modssl
AP_PORT=        www/apache13-modssl
AP_PORT=        apache13-modssl

This might be improved after The 4.9 Release

kind regards Dirk

Would you avoid portupgrade for this?

I am a little shaky in the knees at this prospect. This is on a production web server getting over 1 million page views per day. I use mod_php4, mod_auth_pgsql, mod_gzip, mailman, and I have some other ports installed like squirrelmail, mnogosearch, a bunch of pear libraries (not even sure if they are dependent on apache13), phpMyAdmin and probably a few other things I haven't even thought of. <gulp>

Once this is done do all these ports change to think they are dependent on apache13-modssl rather than www/apache13?


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