On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 05:11:58PM -0700, Joseph Yuen wrote:
> Got a simple question.
> on my 80G harddrive, I originally had 4G files in it
> and I used rm command to remove it all. Now my drive
> should be totally empty.
> But this is what I found when I typed df -H
> /dev/ar0s1e 79G 2.0K 72G 0% /mountpoint
> and if I typed df only without the -H parameter
> /dev/ar0s1e 76928840 2 70774532 0% /mountpoint
> My question is if the capacity is 0%, then how come
> I only have 72G left? I should be able to get 79G,
> right?
> where has the 7G gone?

This is normal: `man tunefs`, the -m option.


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