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Bjarne Wichmann Petersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Wednesday 10 September 2003 01:49, Todd Stephens wrote:
> > > I am having a lot of pain trying to compile the xmms-arts plugin
> > > available from xmms.org, since it is not in the ports anymore. If
> > > anyone uses the xmms-arts plugin on freebsd I would really
> > > appreciate any help. I am running FreeBSD-4.8 STABLE, with the
> > > ports cvsuped and upraded today.
> > I do not believe you need it.  I am running XMMS under KDE with no
> > arts plugin without any problems at all.
> You don't *need* it, but xmms will lock the sound-device while playing
> and thus hindering kde-apps using it. One solution is to use vchans,
> but it sound *awfull* with my HW. An arts-plugin to xmms would be
> really nice, but I never got the plugin working apart from crashing
> everythin IIRC.
> Bjarne

 I have 'artsd' set-up to use /dev/dsp0.1 (while xmms uses /dev/dsp) and
both co-exist nicely.

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