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"John Straiton" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Greets!
> I'm pretty confused right now with trying to determine the nature of a
> performance problem I'm having on one of my servers. The server is a
> webserver with a separate db/file server sitting behind it. The issue
> is that in pulling up websites from the machine, my silly POS
> development box has nearly double performance although one would think
> it shouldn't. [...]

Disclaimer: these are random, uninformed guesses...

- Is it possible the server has too much RAM?

I don't remember where I heard that that can degrade performance, but
I'm pretty sure it was on one of the freebsd lists a couple of months

- Are you using the same db server as the backend for your development

i.e. Maybe the lag is between the two servers, and if they're running
on the same machine in your case, that could be why you don't see as
dramatic a slowdown.

Again, these are just shots in the dark :)

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