> Post your kernel configs, or better yet, do a diff -u between 
> the 5.0-R and the 5.1-C kernel configs.  I bet dime to dollar 
> you've got some debugging options enabled in the 5.1-C 
> config.  At the very least you haven't remove the debugging 
> options from your malloc options.

*frown* The 5.0 development machine is running GENERIC. Being that we
never customized the kernel, we don't have a backup copy of it. I can
say since I'd have been the one to change it, that the only differences
between GENERIC and what we put into service is that we always remove
the device listings for things we don't have any use for, like ISA nic's
and such. I almost never change any of the other features.

If 5.1-C has debugging on by default then , yes, I'd concur that we have
those features turned on. However the production machine was 4.8-R when
we noticed the problem. From what it sounds, it should have been faster
due to that fact. The only thing that's been constant in this situation
is that the development machine hasn't changed. Everything I've done has
been trying to change variables on the production machine to either
match or surpass the development to bring it up to it's speed.

Roadmap for the production machine so far:

Upgrade apache/php to newest in ports.
Upgrade OS to 5.1 from 4.8, reinstall every package in pkg_info
Update apache to 2.X from 1.3.X & reinstall php as is required
Swap network interfaces between the two onboard ones
Swap ethernet cables with the development machine
Swap ethernet ports with the development machine

John Straiton
jks@ clickcom.com
Clickcom, Inc

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