Hi Rian,

the best way to get such advice is to post to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing
list or the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list. Then the largest number of
people can help.

However, here is my short advice:

you can install FreeBSD (any 4.x release or -stable snapshot should work) on a
RLX blade laptop drive one of two ways:

1) remove the laptop drive from the blade, install it in a laptop and install
FreeBSD on it as normal. The GENERIC kernel should work fine. This is my
recommended way of doing it if you are just going to try FreeBSD on the RLX
blade at first.

2) install on the blade using PXE -- but this is much more complicated to
setup. The instructions at


should help.

if you have any followup please send it to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


> Halo Aditya
> Introduce me Rian Adriansah

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 06:24:24PM +0700, Rian Adriansah wrote:
> I would like to ask u for manual installing freebsd on rlx 300 ex (blade
> server)
> can u give some advise for it?
> I have information that the blade rlx server only can install from freebsd
> 4.3. is that true?
> what suppose to do for 1st setting up?
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