I just installed FreeBSD 5.1 on an i386 system several days ago, and am
now in the process of setting up a backup/restore strategy.

For backups I am using dump piped thru ssh to my linux box (RH 8.0), and
that has worked well, at least for the initial backup.  I have not set
up incremental backups using cron yet, but I think that should be fairly
straight forward.

What I need help with is the restore piece.
I am trying to build a restore floppy using the script in the FreeBSD

I am having two problems so far.

1.  I am getting syntax errors with some of the commands in the script:

"disklabel: dev/fd0c: no such file or directory"
                 what is this 'c' doing here?

"newfs: illegal option --t"

"mount: /dev/fd0a: no such file or directory"
              what is this 'a' doing here?

2.  I do not have a MINI kernel on my system, which is needed on the
backup floppy.  The script gives a sample configuration file to build
this MINI kernel.  I have looked at the Handbook on building a custom
kernel, but it is a bit confusing for someone new to unix, and I am not
sure how the instructions need to be modified for this special case.

One last point.  I realize for my setup that I will also need to put ssh
on this floppy.  Has anyone done this, and does the program fit?


Barry Skidmore <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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