On Fri, 12 Sep 2003 23:12:07 +0200, Vincent Zee wrote:
>>>   How do I add a disk containing data to a new system without erasing
>>>   that data.
>>>   I searched the mailinglist and the documentation but could not find
>>>   information
>>>   for this scenario.
>>>   The system in question is running 4.8
>>>   The disk is coming from a 5.1 system and uses ufs with softupdates.
>>>   The disk has one partition.
>>  Would that be UFS1 with softupdates or UFS2 with softupdates?
>>  I don't think FreeBSD 4.8 understands UFS2.  If you didn't specify UFS1
>>  when you made the file system on FreeBSD 5.1, you got UFS2 format.
>>  Otherwise the disk should just move.  (The MBR partition/slice table
>>  and the FreeBSD disk-label/partition-table formats are the same.)
>>  dan

I'm very relieved and happy to have my disk back.
Changing my system from 4.8 to 5.1 did the trick.
Thanks all for your help.

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