Ronnie Clark wrote:

Hello all,

I have a questions that I just cannot get my brain
around. I have a home network and use FreeBSD as my
firewall using IPFW. It is also my internal DNS
server, handling name resolution for inside the
network and passing requests to the internet. I have
my own domain, and use a free DNS service to point to
my static IP from the outside. But as of late, the DNS
service has come under DOS attack. So, if I want to
host my own DNS records, so that people on the outside
get my static, routable internet IP address, plus my
reverse DNS record, can I still have the DNS service
serve my internal requests? Can you have an A record
point to the same machine, yet list two different IP
addresses? Or do I need to move my internal DNS to
another system to serve the inside? Please help, brain
in knots over this one.


I believe you can just by checking the handbook. For more detailed info I would recommend you type "$man named".
That should have all the details you need.

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