> Hi,
>      I'm looking to improve and automate my primitive
> backups and I'm considering dump(8)/restore(8).  But
> before I go this route, I'd like to be sure I can
> control their behavior.  Unfortunately, the man pages
> don't seem to completely describe the interaction
> between the numerical dump flag in /etc/fstab and
> the dump level.  Can anyone elucidate?

I believe that the /etc/fstab dumpflag tells it to not back up
files in any dump level above the number (or the number and above, I
don't remember for sure), essentially 1 is the number used.  Level '0'
dumps always back up all files unless you use some extra dump flags.

As for a scheme, it really depends on how big each file system is
compared to the size of your backup media and how much your files
change on a daily or weekly, etc basis in each filesystem (dumps are
always by filesystem).   

If you have large filesystems - much larger than your media size, - takes
multiple tapes on a full dump and your files in the filesystem change a 
lot frequently - level 1 dump may use more than 1 tape after two days, 
then you will probably want to implement some scheme like the basic
    Sn  Mn  Ts  Wd  Th  Fr  St
     6   0   1   2   3   4   5
or possibly the modified tower of Hanoi scheme you mention below and
that is described in an example in the man page.

If your filesystem is not so huge or particularly if only a few files
are likely to change regularly - so a weeks work of changed files fit
on one tape, then something like
    Sn  Mn  Ts  Wd  Th  Fr  St
     1   0   1   1   1   1   1
Would be the easiest.

If your filesystems will fit on one tape, just do a fulldump (level 0)
each time.


>      In the same vein, does anyone know the
> `modified tower of Hanoi' algorithm the man page
> recommends?
>                                    Mark Terribile
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