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Dear Freebsd,

I have installed freebsd 4.4 (the ones that came with the manual.) I

Which manual is that? There's a paper version of the handbook, but that doesn't come with a CD. I know that "FreeBSD Unleashed" comes with a copy of 4.4, but that is not "the manual".

got it all installed correctly but when i log in freebsd it leaves me
at a dos like screen with a $. I want to know how to get a desktop
working (the quickest way.) Thank you for your time.

If you haven't installed X-windows, install it. If you don't know how to install it, su to root (type "su" at the $ prompt, and enter the root password), and type "/stand/sysinstall". Follow the instructions. By default, X-windows is installed with the twm window manager. At the "$" prompt, type "startx". That's the quickest route to a working desktop.

- though with twm, that'll be a *barely* working desktop. :) You may want to install a window manager that's a bit more intuitive - Windowmaker might be a good one to start off with. A good tutorial on installing a window manager can be found here: <URL: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2000/06/21/FreeBSD_Basics.html>

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