I used to run procmail as my local mailer (w/ sendmail as MTU). The .procmailrc 
filters the incoming mail into separate folders.

Now I've changed to cyrus-imapd and no longer use procmail. Cyrus has it's own local 
mailer (cyrdeliver). That's fine with me, bu now all mail is droped into the INBOX. 
The only way to filter it is through an mailclient running under X.

Does someone know of a good way to filter my incoming mail _not_ only to user.xxx but 
to his/her other (imap) mailboxes as well?

I was rather font of using mutt on the cli (which is much more complicated w/ imap) 
but losing my  sorted filtered mailboxes does not make me happy.

If filtering does not exist I think I'll go back to QPopper (pop3) and 

Please help..?

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