On Sun, Sep 14, 2003 at 01:32:33PM +0200, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Hi,
> I used to run procmail as my local mailer (w/ sendmail as MTU). The .procmailrc 
> filters the incoming mail into separate folders.
> Now I've changed to cyrus-imapd and no longer use procmail. Cyrus has it's own local 
> mailer (cyrdeliver). That's fine with me, bu now all mail is droped into the INBOX. 
> The only way to filter it is through an mailclient running under X.
> Does someone know of a good way to filter my incoming mail _not_ only to user.xxx 
> but to his/her other (imap) mailboxes as well?
> I was rather font of using mutt on the cli (which is much more complicated w/ imap) 
> but losing my  sorted filtered mailboxes does not make me happy.
> If filtering does not exist I think I'll go back to QPopper (pop3) and 
> sendmail/procmail.

Actually, this is quite a popular topic on the FreeBSD lists.  A few
moments searching a http://freebsd.rambler.ru/ will get you such handy
messages as:






But note that Cyrus deliver has a built in 'sieve' function which will
do a lot of what procmail does, and it has a remote interface which is
handy when you want to set up a mail server box without giving login
accounts to all of your mail users.



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