Matthew N. Dodd wrote:

On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, jason wrote:

No matter how I compile it it says it can not open it or find the
command. Can you send the the binary or something?

just invoke it using the full pathname:


If it fails, it will be because /dev/agpgart doesn't exist or isn't
readable, in which case you should check that the AGP driver has actually
attached to the device.

Ok, I got it.  I did not think to run it while I had agp.ko loaded.  I
had set the loader.conf and reboot.

version:    0.0
id:        1e010de
mode:        1f000217 (SBA,FW,1x,2x,4x,)
base:        e8000000
size:        64M
total mem:    112640
system mem:    112640
used mem:    0

alloc key 1, pddr 0
used mem now:    64

agp test successful

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