David Nobles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Per David's suggestion, I'm redirecting this question to this list.  My
> FreeBSD CDs are for 3.2.  Not sure what additional information might
> be helpful.

FreeBSD 3.2 was outdated four years ago.  

> > > My old hard drive with Win98 died and I just got a new 40GB for my
> > > laptop so I decided to install FreeBSD instead .
> >
> >Woo hoo!
> >
> > >  I created the Kernel and MFS floppies per the instructions in my
> > > book (FreeBSD 3rd edition) and it sets up my partition, asks what
> > > type of installation I want (selected Novice).  I then tell it the
> > > installation media is CDROM but when it boot it appears to scan the
> > > CDROM (led flashes) but then boots from the hard drive giving me a
> > > message that 0:wd(0,a)/kernel is the default and placing me at the
> > > boot: prompts.

So you're booting from floppy, but when you try to use the CDROM as
the installation medium, it doesn't recognize it?  It's not supposed
to be rebooting in the middle -- is it really doing that, or do you
mean something else?
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