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> Another poster pointed out, and I seconded, that you need to set up 
> NAT. There was no divert rule in your previous rule list, and you 
> haven't mentioned setting up NAT, so I assume you still haven't done 
> it. Without NAT, your gateway computer will be able to use PPP without
> your previous firewall, but none of your other computers will be able 
> to connect. 

Dear Bob,

Thanks. Acting on Scott's suggestion, I put this in /etc/rc.conf:


However, I'm still left with the same problem - with the firewall
enabled, ppp is blocked. Maybe I should clarify - it's the gateway
machine that cannot access ppp. I'm not worried about the other machines
on the network gaining access to ppp. Anyway, the internal network is OK
even with the firewall enabled, but the firewall is definitely blocking
my ppp connection.

If I were smarter, I could probably tweak the network settings in
/etc/rc.firewall. But all I'm trying to do is use the "simple"
configuration (which so far is not proving to be simple).

I'm pretty much out of ideas on this.

thanks again,

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