My actual computer, an AMD Duron is actually split on three OS:
Windows XP, Mandrake Linux, Slackware Linux
I want to check the FREE BSD 5.1 on it but, before, I tested it on my old PC
That is a Pentium based P133, 16 Mo memory, 3 G dd, Windows 95
I firstly gave all the disk to BSD and starting the install.
You mention that you need at least 5 Mo for install and 4 Mo to work.
It could be in theory. With my 16 Mo after some 17 hours I gave up.
The font75DPI package is one that never lasts.
So I decided to make a compatibilty test with Windows 95.
I made a new partitioning, some 800 Mo for Win95, the rest for BSD.I installed Win95
I choosed a "minimum" install, I was trapped choosing Linux applications, quite long, ending with an error.
I re-started, avoiding Linux appli. Install operated in a reasonable short time.
But, my actual problem is:

After install and rebooting I could'nt access BSD neither Windows.
I tried, after reinstalling Win, all the modes of booting.
MBR, does'nt work in neither OS
No change of boot area: freeze all systems, a message displayed : error in intializing OS.
The best results: SBR. It displays on booting F1 Dos, F2 BSD
But function keys F1 and F2 are simply "screaming" and do'nt have any effect. Frozen.
I'm working with an AZERTY keyboard.
That's my real problem, the long install pb is obviously due to memory size.
And second question: Why Install does'nt make an emergency diskette boot facility ?
You have BSD installed, no way to make it work because a BSD problem.
Thanks for your attention and eventual solution ( I am a beginner in BSD pbs )

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